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Thank you for your interest in becoming involved in a leadership role for Cornerstone Family Schools.

Because CFS is an all-volunteer organization we require the commitment of individual member families to serve in various capacities as an activity leader, coordinator, coach, assistant coach, director, board member, etc.

Because these leaderships roles will be in direct contact with children, CFS requires the following:

  • A background check from a CFS approved vendor.  (background checks are required for new member applicants and non-member activity leaders but waived for full CFS members who joined before 6/1/2019 and who have maintained full membership since joining)
  • Complete a CFS approved Child Safety Training course every 2-years.
  • Acknowledge that you have reviewed and understand CFS history, its purpose, statement of faith, and, suspension protocol for late report submissions. (Activity Leader Orientation)
  • Read, agree and sign the Activity Leader Code of Conduct annually.

To review the policy in its entirety: Leadership Requirements and Code of Conduct (Policy G-008)


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Activity Leader Code of Conduct

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