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About Us

About Us

Cornerstone is a Christian, parent-volunteer led, homeschooling activities group.

We offer opportunities in fine arts, athletics, and social events as well as academic standards.

Cornerstone offers choir, string ensemble, and competition in a Christian school association in the above plus individual voice, instrument, and art (photography, drawing, painting, crafts, etc.) in both the elementary and high school levels, with the option of national high school competition.

We compete in multiple Christian leagues to support boys’ football and boys’ and girls’ soccer, volleyball, cross country, tennis, basketball, track and field, as well as chess. These activities may wax and wane based on student interest and parental leadership.

Social events include a back-to-school party, homecoming festivities, a family dance, formal dance, 8th and 12th grade graduations, and various field trips, support gatherings, and workshops, as well as cheering on our Saints!

Parents also access Cornerstone for annual standardized testing and record keeping (hours, goals, schedule) which are for private use only, but provide recognition to both league schools and local post-high school educational institutions of CFS’s standards in integrity and private home education (versus public virtual programs). 

Please click on our “Become a Member” tab to begin the process of joining us. 

We want you to join our community and look forward to welcoming you to our family of family schools!