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Pastor Recommendation Form

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Dear Pastor,

This recommendation form is part of the application process for Cornerstone Family Schools.  We have found the counsel given to us by the pastor has greatly assisted us in selecting families for admission to our program.

Please return this form as soon as possible so that we can complete the family’s application.

Thank you for taking the time to assist us.

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Family last name and parent(s) first name(s) 

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Are both parents members of your church?

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How long has this family attended your church? 

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How long have you known this family personally? 

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How would you describe the level of involvement of this family in your church? 

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To what degree is this family an example to others in the church?

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Too new to determine
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Is the father the spiritual leader of the family? 

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In your opinion, are all the children responsive to their parents’ authority? 

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What special pressures does this family have which might affect their implementation of a home education program? 


Do you support this family in their desire to home educate their children? If not, please explain.

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Does your church essentially agree with the Cornerstone Family Schools Statement of Faith

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Please give any additional comments you might have.

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Your name and title 

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Church name 

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Do you request this recommendation be kept confidential? 

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