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Forum Guidelines

Forum Guidelines

Purpose: The CFS Forum is used for sharing information related to Cornerstone Family Schools, Cornerstone families, and homeschooling as part of CFS.

Who can post: Only members of CFS can post to the Forum.

Don’t post these things:

  1. No posts that are commercial in nature or used to promote a business, except when the business relates directly to CFS families (i.e., school pictures, resale of books and educational toys, ACT prep classes, etc).
  2. No personal attacks, libelous, defamatory, or hateful content.
  3. No content related to politics, doctrine, and personal preference, except when that content relates directly to CFS families.
  4. Moderating: Most post moderation is done via restricting posting to CFS member families. Individual posts will be moderated if the post breaks one of the above rules. In that case, a Forum moderator will email you and remind you of the rules. We expect that will solve most problems.

If a poster continues to break the rules, that person will be blocked from further Forum postings and the issue will be brought to the next CFS board meeting for further discussion.